Discussion on SMD connectors in wire to board connectors

At present, in the field of energy storage, the application and development of lithium batteries are very rapid. Lithium battery energy storage has advantages such as high energy density, long service life, and green environmental protection. However, there are also some drawbacks, such as high production costs, poor safety performance, and the risk of explosion. Therefore, the safety design of thermal management systems is crucial for the application of lithium batteries, and connectors are essential components in series and parallel between battery packs, Its temperature rise effect has a significant impact on the entire lithium battery energy storage system, so low-temperature rise design has become an inevitable trend in the development of connectors.

There are many types of connectors, including circular connectors, rectangular connectors, square connectors, customized connectors, etc. In the form of contact termination: curl welding and winding; Fix with screws (caps); According to the connection method, it can be divided into: board to board connector (BtoB) line to board connector (WtoB) line to line connector (WtoW). Today, we will talk about patch connectors in line to board connectors.

Since the 1950s, some manufacturers have used surface mount technology. The use of SMD connectors has only recently begun and is gradually being valued by manufacturers. This situation stems from the technical issues faced by SMT connectors and the lack of awareness that SMT connectors can effectively save board area. With the discovery that SMD technology can improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturers' costs, reduce circuit board area, and improve design flexibility, SMD connectors have been widely used.

SMT connectors are divided into two types: horizontal mount connectors (SMT) and vertical mount connectors (DIP). SMT usually installs components without leads or short leads. It requires printing solder paste on the circuit board, then mounting with a SMT machine, and then reflow soldering to fix the components. Immersion soldering is a device packaged in a straight in form, which is fixed by wave soldering or manual soldering.

The temperature of the SMT connector exceeds 260 3-5 seconds. The composition of SMD connectors: plastic parts and pin pins, plastic parts generally use PA6T and PA9T, both of which are high-temperature resistant materials. Highway cameras typically use adapter connectors, stereo DC fans, air conditioning, high-definition LCD televisions, laptop intelligence, and other fields. Pins are usually made of brass, bronze, phosphorus bronze, etc. The coating is generally gold (semi gold) or tin plated. The coating function of needle shaped needles is to resist oxidation, improve conductivity, and increase electron transfer speed.


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Discussion on SMD connectors in wire to board connectors