About Us
Focusing on the research and development of new energy connectors
Committed to providing professional connector solutions for customers

OWAYJIAN was established in 2020, headquartered in Bao'an, Shenzhen. It is a joint venture with Shenzhen Nuolin Electronics Co., Ltd., focusing on new energy connectors. It has reliable quality, rapid response, and excellent comprehensive competitiveness. Currently, it has nearly 400 employees. Since its establishment, we have focused on the research and development, design, mold manufacturing, production, and sales of new energy connectors.

The products are widely used in the communication, power supply, household appliances, industrial control, instrumentation, security, electrical equipment, LED display screens, energy storage, and new energy vehicle industries.

Capable of collaborating with customers to develop new products, providing energy link design support, quickly providing product design engineering drawings, shortening customer research and development cycles, and providing reliability assessments to save and optimize customer research and development costs.


  • Management idea

    High quality, innovation, efficiency, and speed, quality first, customer first

  • Corporate spirit

    Recruiting Talents and Welcoming Four Seafarers to Pursue Excellence and Create a Future Together

  • Talent View

    Putting People First, Having Both Virtue and Ability, Appointing People Based on Virtue and Ability

  • Service idea

    Customer satisfaction is fundamental to our survival and development

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